Tuesday, May 2

10 Best Places to Live in Your 20s

According to Relevant Magazine, May/June 2006 Issue...

10 Boston, MA
9 Baltimore, MD
8 Nashville, TN
7 Colorado Springs, CO
6 Orlando, FL
5 Portland, OR
4 Chicago, IL
3 Phoenix, AZ
2 Athens, GA
1 Austin, TX

WooHoo! We made the list! Go O-Town! And no doubt Jennings is beaming right now.

Check out the comments, ratings, and honorable mentions at www.relevantmagazine.com.


Sarah said...

Forgive my cynicism, but let's talk about how relevant Relevant magazine really is to the culture. Those all sound like nice places to live, but did you notice how the majority of them are some sort of American Christian mecca? I'm sure they had good intentions, but I'm not so sure I agree that they're the best places to live...

You're great though and I'm glad for what you're doing in Orlando. Holla!

Sarah said...

one more thing...my blog address changed to


jdowner76 said...

I respectfully disagree with Sarah ... these cities are all cities with lots of singles and a thriving party/bar/nightclub scene. Sure Orlando has a lot of churches and mission agencies, and Colorado Springs has a few, but Boston? Nada. Austin? ... does anything good come out of Austin? (yes, that was a joke Jennings Athens, GA? Known for parties and musicians (REM and The Black Crowes more than Third Day). These are the best places to live if you're in your 20s and a non-Christian or one who, like Becky, just loves having a good 'ol time!

Fleminator said...

I had similar thoughts to sarah (Holla! right back a'cha) initially, but John makes some good points. Perhaps our generation is changing and they sometime gravitate towards Christian Meccas, as long as a hot club scene is also included in the package. Or perhaps Christian organizatioins (Focus, CCC, Lifeway, etc...) are attempting to be relavent by re-locating to where the singles are (singles and Christian orgs are mutually interested in low cost of living). Christian orgs bring a new dynamic to an area's single population...so its at least interesting to not correlations. Either way, Austin clearly deserves it place at the top of the list.

the Beckster said...

In other news....you've GOT to check this out:

Ordinary Radical said...

Phoenighetto baby. Thats right #3..Becky, thats like me having pocket aces and you having pocket deuces..youre dominated!

Fleminator said...

Denver Seminary has blocked all of Youtube...kind of a bummer because there is some funny stuff there, but their concern for purity in web browsing is appreciated (the URL you provided included the word "hasselhoff"...I don't know. Maybe DenSem is right in blocking a Baywatch clip :-P

the Beckster said...

Oh you wish, Grant. Keep dream'n.

And Jennings...that's first on your list of things to do in O-town. That video of David Hasselhoff -clearly not in his glory days- has been watched in the MOB trailer about 30 times now. Lauri and I can act it out for you. Which reminds me...will you do the Aicha dance when you get here?

Fleminator said...

Did I tell you I met someone at church named Aicha? (sp?-Aiysha?) I had trouble keeping a straight face.

Fleminator said...

Oh, and Grant, don't be so quick to claim your winnings. Austin has a full house to beat your pocket rockets! ATX baby! There's a reason we call it TEXAS Hold'em!

Hook'em Horns!